The links

Here are a few sites you may find useful and/or interesting. It is not, of course, a comprehensive list, and I strongly advise all interested parties to get Googling and see what else is out there.

Bakery Bits
Suppliers of a wide range of proving baskets, lames and other hard-to-source baking equipment, plus starter cultures, all at reasonable prices.

Boudin Bakery
The home of the famous San Francisco sourdough – since 1849.

The Fresh Loaf
Discussion forums covering every conceivable aspect of bread-making. Be warned – some of the threads are formidably technical. Some are downright obsessive.

Some of the best bakeware on the market.

Arguably the most famous bakery in Europe, if not the world. Based in Paris, with an outpost in London.

The Real Bread Campaign
Lots of useful information, and a very comprehensive links page.

Shipton Mill
This Gloucestershire miller stocks every type of flour you could possibly want. All available by mail order if you can’t find it locally.