The author

My name is Neil Annett and I am a self-taught amateur baker, as well as a painter, bibliophile, parent and real-ale drinker. I’ve been making bread for nearly twenty years, and Flour and Water is a product of all my successes and failures during that time, as well as a lot of research and frenzied note scribbling.It's true, I'm not

After studying art at Goldsmiths College in London in the mid-1990s, I got a job at a well-known West End art gallery, from which I was fired for dropping everything I picked up. This was followed by several years moving furniture. I was much better at that, and very rarely dropped anything. A native of Bristol in the West Country, I now live on the opposite side of the UK in Suffolk, where I bake, paint, and earn a living doing something dull that involves very little lifting.